Be part of a joint project in defense and solidarity of animals. We need people ready to protect and take care of them, and for this great job we need your collaboration.

The money sent from our members guarantees that our fury friends are taken care of: good food, sterilizarion surgery, mircrochips, vet assistance,..etc


What membership options are there?

Until recently, we only had one available payment option for members. But we have widened our options, trying to adapt to as many different peoples situations as possible, hoping that everyone interested can collaborate in the best way possible for them. The present options are:

Monthly options of payments: 6€, 10€ or 15€

Quarter (every 3 months) options of payments: 15 €, 25 €, € 35 o € 45

Semester (every 6 months) options of payments:40 €, 50 €, € 75 o € 100

Annual options of payemtns: 50 €, 80 €, 100 €, € 150 o 200 €


Are you convinced?

You can become a member in person at the shelter. But for those of you who dont have time to spare, we have come up with an agile system of becoming a member on-line. So you can become a member or ARCA shelter from the comfort of your own home.

Before beginning the process you should make sure you have your bank account number, where you will be asked to select the payment option you wish, and to answer the following questionnaire:




(Please, to confirm the request, make sure you press the “send” button, and then accept the authorization. Then a thankyou message from our shelter will appear, confirming your answers have been saved correctly).
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