What is a foster home?
Sometimes we come upon some dogs that can't be placed in the shelter, either due to health, age or character issues.

For these cases, we enjoy the help from our volunteers and colaborators, who offer their homes in an selfless manner, fostering the dogs for a certain amount of time until their permanent home is found.

Does fostering cost any money?

For the foster home, there is no cost involved. ARCA shelter is responsible for all maintenance and vet expenses that can arise while the dog is in fostering. Only time is needed from our collaborators and volunteers as foster carers, along with the needed love, so that the dog can recover.

Are there prior requirements to become a foster home?

There is no pre-established requirements, other than being an animal lover and want to help them, although we do arrange an interview with those interested in becoming a foster home. This interview can be arranged as the shelter deems correct, either on the phone, in the shelter, or in the future foster home. We will select homes that are compatible with the dogs to be fostered. Or, in the case of no preference, the best candidate will be selected in each case. This way we prevent future problems due to living situations.

How can I become a foster home?

It is very easy. You only have to get in contact with us, either via message in our facebook page or webpage, calling us or coming in person to the shelter in our opening hours (every morning from 10 – 13:30h)

We want to underline the importance of foster homes, as they are extremely important in the development of animal shelters.

Puppies should not be in a shelter, older dogs are thankful of having a warm calm place, and the less sociable dogs are less stressed being in a home where more time is spent exclusively on them.

The foster homes are essential for many animals. We can´t forget they have been abandoned, and many of them abused. Continued love and affection helps them recover, and volunteers that foster dogs know them well enough at home, and give them basic coexistence education, so that they are able to find their permanent home a lot easier, as we can find out exactly what they need.

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