Many people would love to adopt a dog, but they are not able to have another animal at home. They know that abandoned animals have suffered a lot, and even when they are in a shelter, they continue to suffer because they need a home.

Many of them have suffered abuse, humiliation, malnutrition and illnesses. They have suffered physically and psicologically, sometimes to extremes that we are not even able to imagine. They have put up with extreme weather conditions: the coldness of the most crude winters and the suffocating heat of the hottest summers.

Who of us has not seen an abandoned dog by the road, undernourished, ribcage showing, wondering with no destiny, scared to death ?? !!

In the shelter the find refuge and between them you can choose the dog that you wish to take care of a little more, for whatever reason, due to it having suffered so much, having a severe illness, being blind, or being the oldest…

What does to sponsor mean? When you sponsor a dog that is in the shelter, you start to become part of its recovery. All the money will be directed exclusively to their veterinary treatments and food. Sponsorship also allows you to interact directly with the dog, because as a sponsor you can visit whenever you want and take him/her on a walk close to the shelter. This will actively help in the dogs socialization, and hence, you will be a direct part in his/her luck changing.

What are the payment options? They are the same as the members options:

Monthly options of payments: 6€, 10€ or 15€

Quarter (every 3 months) options of payments: 15 €, 25 €, € 35 o € 45

Semester (every 6 months) options of payments: 40 €, € 50, € 75 o € 100

Annual options of payemtns: 50 €, 80 €, 100 €, € 150 o 200 €

How can I become a sponsor? In our facebook profile and in this webpage, you can find up to date photos of all the dogs that are in our shelter. You only have to remember the name of the chosen dog, and when you fill in our MEMBER questionnaire, fill in the dogs name where requested. Automatically the computer system will let us know that you have selected a specific dog and the money will be used specifically for this dog.




* It is essential to click on the “send” button after accepting the authorization. A thank you message will then appear from the shelter confirming that you answers have been saved and sent correctly.

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